The Mission of the California State University

The mission of the California State University is:

  • To advance and extend knowledge, learning, and culture, especially throughout California.
  • To provide opportunities for individuals to develop intellectually, personally, and professionally.
  • To prepare significant numbers of educated, responsible people to contribute to California’s schools, economy, culture, and future.
  • To encourage and provide access to an excellent education to all who are prepared for and wish to participate in collegiate study.
  • To offer undergraduate and graduate instruction leading to bachelor’s and higher degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, the applied fields, and the professions, including the doctoral degree when authorized.
  • To prepare students for an international, multi-cultural society.
  • To provide public services that enrich the university and its communities.

To accomplish its mission over time and under changing conditions, the California State University:

  • Emphasizes quality in instruction.
  • Provides an environment in which scholarship, research, creative, artistic, and professional activity are valued and supported.
  • Stresses the importance of the liberal arts and sciences as the indispensable foundation of the baccalaureate degree.
  • Requires of its bachelor’s degree graduates breadth of understanding, depth of knowledge, and the acquisition of such skills as will allow them to be responsible citizens in a democracy.
  • Requires of its advanced degree and credential recipients a depth of knowledge, completeness of understanding, and appreciation of excellence that enables them to contribute continuously to the advancement of their fields and professions.
  • Seeks out individuals with collegiate promise who face cultural, geographical, physical, educational, financial, or personal barriers to assist them in advancing to the highest educational levels they can reach.
  • Works in partnership with other California educational institutions to maximize educational opportunities for students.
  • Serves communities as educational, public service, cultural, and artistic centers in ways appropriate to individual campus locations and emphases.
  • Encourages campuses to embrace the culture and heritage of their surrounding regions as sources of individuality and strength.
  • Recognizes and values the distinctive history, culture, and mission of each campus.
  • Promotes an understanding and appreciation of the peoples, natural environment, cultures, economies, and diversity of the world.
  • Encourages free scholarly inquiry and protects the University as a forum for the discussion and critical examination of ideas, findings, and conclusions.
  • Offers degree programs in academic and applied areas that are responsive to the needs of the citizens of this state and provides for regular review of the nature and extent of these programs.
  • Offers or proposes to offer instruction at the doctoral level jointly with the University of California and with private institutions of postsecondary education, or independently in the field of education where the need is clearly demonstrated.

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